Lunch 午餐

Monday through Friday 11am - 3pm

Eggplant with Green Beans 辣味四季豆炒茄子  12

soy sauce, garlic, dried peppers


Ma Po Tofu (Fish | Vegetable) 麻婆豆腐魚 | 素   12 

tofu, dover sole, pickled mustard roots, garlic, green onions, dried chilies, chili bean sauce


Firecracker Chicken 辣子雞丁  12  

fried boneless chicken, dry-tossed with garlic, chili powder, dried peppers


Garlic Crispy Chicken 香蒜左雞  12 

battered boneless chicken tossed in tangy chili sauce


Sautéed Broccolini (Chicken | Beef ) 西蘭花炒雞 | 牛   12

oyster sauce, ginger, garlic, shiitake mushroom, broccolini


Curry Chicken 咖喱鸡  12

curry powder, coconut milk, peppers, lemongrass, onions, scallions


Tea Smoked Chicken (Half) 茶木煙燻雞   12

roasted chicken marinated with house seasonings, green onion pesto sauce

House Smoked Pork Belly with Cauliflower 臘肉炒菜 京蔥   12

smoked pork sautéed with celery, bacon, garlic, pepper, soy sauce, chili oil

Mushroom Chicken  12

stir fried chicken, mushrooms, snow peas, garlic, carrots, oyster sauce, soy sauce, scallions

Sautéed Fish Fillet 清炒魚片   13

breaded and fried dover sole fillets topped with crispy garlic and chili peppers

Five Flavored Beef 五味牛  13

sautéed beef with soy sauce, bean sprouts, scallion, garlic, peanuts, lemongrass,

basil, hoisin sauce

Honey Walnut Prawns 哈密瓜核桃蝦   13

fried tiger prawns with melon, mayonnaise, lemon juice, honey glazed walnuts

and sesame seeds

Kung Pao Sweet & Sour Prawns 宮保甜酸蝦   13

sautéed tiger prawns with cucumber, Chinese peppercorn, dried pepper, scallions,

peanuts, garlic